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Prime Technologies are exclusive partners of KNM Metrology GmbH, Germany for marketing & servicing of CNC Gear Measuring Machines and CMMs for Gear Measurement in India.
KNM 1200S
4-axes measuring machine
for gears and shafts
measurement up to Ø 1200
KNM 1800S
4-axes measuring machine
for gears and shafts
measurement up to Ø 1800
KNM 4000S
4-axes measuring machine
for gears and shafts
measurement up to Ø 4000
KNM 4000
4-axes measuring machine
for gears and shafts
measurement up to Ø 4000
mm without tailstock
Customize solution form KNM Metrology
Highlights of the KNM system
This machine combines proven technologies with new design features and is perfectly adapted to customer needs.
  • Machine structure with outstanding intrinsic accuracy
  • Large bearing distances of guides
  • Drive system close to centre of gravity
  • Machine base on active vibration dampers
  • High precision air bearing rotary table with torque motor
  • Perfectly combines all characteristics of a CMM with the advantages of a roundness/gear measuring system Cost effective combination measuring machine - Gear and 3D - ( Hybrid)
  • Manually movable tailstock, so all shafts can be clamped and measured between centres.
  • Superior high dynamics and precision
  • High end measuring of gears and cylindrical work pieces
  • Numerous additional measuring possibilities
  • Optimized regarding thermal influences
  • Unbeatable price-performance ratio
  • Software is PTB certified & it is a unique feature for customers

Software Features :
Windows XP based graphically supported user interface for easy software operation

Gear Parameters: Profile Errors, Leads Errors, Pitch Errors, Crowning, Tip Relief, Root Relief, Fillet Radius, Topography, Contour, Run-Out Errors, and Over Pin/Over Ball Dimension, Tooth thickness, Tip & Root Diameter, All teeth Measurement on Spur & Helical Gear [External/Internal], Cluster Gear

T-Shaft - Software facility for dimension shape & position deviation for symmetrical work pieces. Evaluation of straightness, evenness, coaxiality, roundness, cylindericity, angular deviation, parallelism, gear bore diameters, taper bores and distance according to DIN/ISO 1101.
Measuring Cycle & Accuracy: Fully Automatic measuring cycle with short measuring time
Direct measurement of DOP possible only on R & P Machines
Machine has facility for temperature compensation & correction

Complete software packages for following measuring tasks are available:
  • Spur and helical gears
  • Worms and worm gears
  • Hobs
  • Shaping cutters
  • Shaving cutters
  • Bevel gears
  • Cylindrical shafts
  • Cams, camshafts
  • Lifter curves
  • Unknown contours (radial-and axial-scanning)
Accuracy Tests:
Gear Measurement ACCURACIES & REPEATABILITY Tests Will be carried out as per international standards (VDI/VDE 2612 / 2613 group -1) using calibrated artifacts (masters).